Attractive Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas

Koi fish is another common Japanese symbol. It is very often opted for as tattoo designs. There are countless versions of attractive Koi fish tattoo ideas included in tattoo trend of 2016 and as tattoo full of mystic senses this symbol can become an excellent option for your tattooing.


Like popular fish tattoos Koi fish tattoo is the symbol of fade and good luck. Also Koi fish symbolizes the wearer’s power. Koi fish is created in different shades and every tint has its sense. 

Koi fish colored in red is the symbol of love and energy. Maybe it is the most common kind of Koi fish tattoo ideas and there is belief that Koi fish tattoo colored in red will give to you force.

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Black Koi fish tattoo is the symbol of changes and hit that usually are reached with big difficulty. Facing difficult and the skill to stay intense is the greatest force.

blue koi fish tattoo on foot

blue koi fish tattoo on foot

Koi fish colored in blue symbolizes masculinity and breeding. It is more frequently painted swimming upwards.


As we know yellow dragon Koi fish symbolizes overcoming balks. Also yellow dragon koi has the meaning of power and new beginning.


Another common idea of attractive koi fish tattoo is koi fish tattoo with yin yang colored in black and white. It has the sense of Pisces zodiac sign but yin yang koi also means connection of two negative powers that are in great harmony.

As koi swarms the waterfall so that the Koi fish tattoo wearer gets through difficulties in spite of everything.


Sure Koi fish tattoo looks quite impressive even if it is huge and colorful. More frequently it is created on back or shoulder decorated with waves or lotus.