Beautiful Tattoo Designs on Wrist

Wrist tattoos are held in the tattoo trends’ list of 2016.  Wrist tattoo is appropriate for everyone from boys till ladies. So we would like to represent you beautiful tattoo designs on wrist that can be appropriate for ladies. You can easily make the same one of them or to get some design ideas and illumination for your future wished tattoo.


There are few types of wrist tattoos that are so common today. Circle tattoo is one of them. It can encircle your wrist as a beautiful bracelet. This tattoo type can easily have jewelry function. For this tattoo type you can have something quite gentle due to it will not have too emphasized and bold image. 


Another common style is tattoo on inner region of wrist. In fact such tattoo type is the most common and often opted for one among ladies because wrist tattoo has very sensual and womanish look.


So if you are searching something chic and hot then you can get small birds and stars. Single small bow, butterfly and feather will also look pretty on inner region of wrist. More frequently such types of tattoos on wrist are created with black ink but surely if you have opted for bow or butterfly, so you can have it colored.





We should inform you that wrist is excellent part for getting quote tattoo or a word.  And as you notice “Love”, “Forgive”, “Promise”, “Believe” are the most often opted for words for tattooing but you can of course get anything you want.