Best Owl Tattoo Designs

Owl tattoos day by day are getting more common. We must notice that animal tattoos are in gear in tattoo trends 2016 and you will certainly make a right solution if you made on your mind to have animal tattoo.


As you know all birds’ tattoos look hot and they have very significant meaning but owl has obtained particular attention. Owl tattoo is the symbol of sapiens and has something quite occult in it. 

Such all bird tattoos owl has been impregnate in almost all cultures. By the time it gets different senses. In Celtic and Egyptian symbolism the owl symbol was represented so many times in very particular way. In Egypt the owl was god who was opted for as a pawl of the dead. The owl received the name “Angel of Death”. In Hindu symbolism owl means wealth.



There are countless practical and modern versions of owl tattoos. Practical owl tattoos are colorful; it can be joint with flowers or other items. Fresh tendencies of tattoos represent mostly new owl tattoos designs that can be luxurious body accessory.


Owl tattoo like other animal tattoo will get slashing look when it is massive. Massive tattoo looks attractive yet it has incompatible influence on your look. Owl will look glorious on back, shoulder, thigh and rib. More tiny tattoos of owl will have hot look on wrist, finger and on the back of ear. Such tiny owls are mostly created in black or dark brown shade.