Breast Tattoos for Women


One of the most stunning and appealing tattoos for women is breast tattoo that decorates woman’s body in the best way. The more painful to get tattooed the more fantastic tattoo looks so yes it do hurts getting breast tattoo but the result is worth any pain. We have put together some of the most beautiful breast tattoos for women that will take your breath away.


Starting from the smallest breast tattoos and ending up with complicated Mandalas and dotworks women are truly addicted to breast tattoos. Breast tattoo is completely awesome and at the same time it is less eye catching so the prejudice about tattooed body can be left aside.

Just like the chest tattoo makes man look brutal and extremely breast tattoo that is inked in between the breasts or right under the breasts makes woman nothing but jaw dropping. Breast tattoo is something unique with deeper meaning and sometimes women choose symbol tattoos that have secret meaning to share with the special one.

One of the most popular breast tattoo from 2017 tattoos is lace tattoo and Mandala tattoo that decorates woman body with the gentlest black lines. It is like wearing a lace lingerie under your skin. Consider those styles if you want to wear the .