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Unique Raven Tattoos and Meaning

Unique Raven Tattoos and Meaning

We love all the dangerous and mysterious things especially when it comes to tattoos. One of the coolest tattoos with dark meaning is raven tattoo. The impressive look and mysterious allure of raven tattoo captures so much attention and no wonder why we have decided to talk about it. 

Aquatic Tattoos 2017: Octopus Tattoo Ideas

aquatic tattoos for menOctopus is yet another aquatic tattoo that captures with its bright colors and meaning. Colorful octopus tattoo will capture everyone’s attention especially when you have got a huge tattoo on your shoulder or hip. Besides of looking show stopping octopus tattoo has its meaning just like other aquatic creatures.

Crazy Werewolf Tattoos 2017

werewolf tattoo

Strong and horrendous tattoos are getting more and more popular. The styles like snake, dragon, wolf and werewolf tattoos carry very strong symbolism and before getting this kind of tattoo you should examine the symbolism and meaning of tattoo in details. At this time we are presenting you the most spectacular werewolf tattoos with meaning to decorate your body.

Biomech Tattoos for Men

Biomech Tattoo on wrist

Robots and androids have already become parts of our lives and our society gets ready for living side by side with androids. What we have no is scientists creating new life and people who already have biomechanical machines in their lives, well, actually they got it on their bodies.

Cool Oni Mask Tattoos for Men

oni mask tattoos

Oni mask is a detail frequently seen in traditional Japanese tattoos and just like any traditional tattoo of ancient culture Oni mask has very unique meaning and symbolism. The fierce look of Oni mask will never let you forget it but the meaning is much more interesting that you can imagine.

Powerful Fire Tattoos

powerful fire tattoos for women

The so-called relationship of man and fire has started from prehistoric times. The battle between those two is so beautiful that people started picturing fire and flame not only on walls but also on body and since then fire is found in many cultures.

Cool Dragon Tattoo Ideas

dragon tattoo for women

Mystic creatures always attracted with legends and stories and we do love them seeing in movies and cartoon. But what we love more is wearing them as tattoos. One of the most popular mystic creatures that are tattooed is dragon.

Beautiful Turtle Tattoos

turtle tatttos 2017

Animal tattoos are absolutely fantastic especially when inked in modern tattooing style from 2017 tattoo trends. All the animal tattoos look gorgeous and all of them have their special meaning. One of the most adorable creatures on earth is a turtle. Turtle tattoos are the part of Polynesian tribal tattoos, plus modern turtle tattoo styles like watercolor, line work or dotwork are also quite popular among boys and girls. Aside from being a beautiful tattoo turtle has very special meaning.

Spider Web Tattoos and Meaning

spider web tattoo for men

Most of us will scream of horror seeing a spider in its web you we would hardly think of symbolism and meaning of spider. Still, spider and its web is present in many cultures and behind this creepy insect is hidden very special meaning for every culture.

Flower Tattoo Ideas for Men

Flower Tattoo Ideas for Men

One may think that flower tattoo is not quite suitable for men, yet we can prove that gentle flower looks even more fabulous on a brutal body. There are so many adorable flower tattoos for men that are worth to be copied. We have put together some of the best flower tattoos for men and the meaning of flower tattoos.