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Face Tattoo Ideas for Men

Face Tattoo Ideas for Men

We do love tattoos and appreciate all the masterpieces ever created and the ones that will be created in the future. Still, there are some tattoos that are too bold for most of us. One of the craziest tattoo styles that we have ever seen around is face tattoo.  They are more popular among boys so let’s check out some of the craziest face tattoos for men.

Manta Ray Tattoo Styles 2017

Manta Ray Tattoo Styles 2017

Polynesian tribal tattoos are one of the most impressive tribal tattoos. 2017 tattoo trends include several tribal tattoo types that are unique with their meaning and style. Polynesian tattoo can surely be considered the leading tattoo styles and no wonder why boys and girls are so interested in tribal tattoo symbols and meaning.

2017 Neck Tattoos for Men

Tattoo has become one of the best ways to express your personality. It is a visualization of your thoughts, character, life, dreams and your goals. While we used to say that clothing is the best way to express your personality, today tattoo can tell a whole story about a person.

Mayan Calendar Tattoos for Men

mayan calendar tattoo

Tribal tattoos are among the most popular and impressive tattoo styles in 2017 tattoo trends. Most tribal tattoos are suitable for boys because they are huge covering the whole body and look fierce. One of such impressive tribal tattoos that have deep meaning is Mayan calendar tattoo. We have seen it much around in 2012 when we were all ready for the apocalipsis. The thing was all about the Mayan calendar that ended with that exact date predicting the date when everthing will end. Fortunately itis in the past and now we can simply talk about the Mayan calendar as an amazing idea for male tattoo. For your inspiration we have put together some really cool tattoos. 

New Diamond Tattoos 2017

diamond tattoo on wrist

Diamonds are girl’s best friend and this is why diamond tattoo is so popular among girls. In modern tattoo trends diamond tattoo is quite a popular symbol for both boys and girls. The symbol is pictured in traditional as well as in trendy minimalistic tattooing styles and all the diamond tattoos are just perfect. Besides of looking amazing diamond tattoo has very special meaning that will definitely have an impact on your life.

Triabal Zia Tattoos 2017

tribbal zia sun tattoos

Tribal tattoos andd tribal symbol tattoos are of great popularity today. The special meaning of tribal signs attract more and more attention due to their rich history, special meaning they carry and the unique mystic allure they have. There is a huge collection of tribal tattoos and each one has its history. To choose the very special one you need to know the meaning of the tribal tattoo and the way it is worn. 

Taurus Tattoo Designs


According to horoscope those people who belong to zodiac sign of Taurus are hard, possessive, fleshly and quite mulish. As known Taurus zodiac sign is ruled by Venus that is the goddess of love due to it Taurus are very passionate. So that Taurus tattoo designs are cool and attractive. The next showed designs of Taurus tattoos will illuminate with some choices for your future tattoo. 

Powerful Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

Powerful and confident Sagittarius zodiac sign people always speaks his mind without awe. As we notice according to horoscope Sagittarius zodiac with its sign are so much interesting so that this zodiac sign definitely deserves to be tattooed.


Arrow is required part of Sagittarius zodiac sign and this can give you numerous designs for choosing from but we offer to start to discuss traditional and powerful Sagittarius tattoo designs at first. 

Amazing Aries Tattoo Designs for 2016


Aries are real leaders; they are liberal, independent, brave and optimistic. As such zodiac sign is a powerful so that Aries tattoos are so impressive. Those several examples of amazing Aries tattoo designs for 2016 are the best part of the biggest collection so we offer to start investigating what you prefer to have. 

Scorpio Tattoo Designs


Those people who are born from October 24 till November 22 they belong to the sign of Scorpio zodiac. According to astrological theory this sign is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars. Scorpions are fervent and loyal, unaided and always try to carry out the goals. Scorpio tattoo styles are as fervent and attractive as zodiac sign itself. In this article we are going to represent several of them.