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Mystic Triangle Tattoos

triangle tattoo

It is believed that the symbol of triangle is older than the earth.  Triangle has already become the A tattoo style of past tattoo trends and we do believe the style will be on trend for the next century as well. The mystic meaning of triangle makes the symbol even more special. Before you have made up your mind to get a triangle tattoo it is worth to know what the sign symbolizes and what it will bring to your life.

The meaning of Tree Tattoos

tree tattoo styles for women

Tattoos with meaning are more valuable. They have a whole story to tell and they carry so much power and energy within. Tattoo with meaning can tell about the person more than you could imagine. Tattoo is like a language that you read and learning that language is a must for tattoo addicts.

Luxurious Mandala Tattoos

Mandala is the art of drawing on sand in circle patterns. The art that has originated in India now is popular all over the world. Mandala art attracts not only spiritually connected people but also tattoo addicts that so much in love with luxurious ornaments. In Sanskrit Mandala is translated as circle. It is a unique symbol of universe that has both religious and geographical meaning. Everyone wants to wear such a strong symbol this is why Mandala tattoo styles are included in 2017 tattoo trends.

Trendy Arrow Tattoos 2017

popular arrow tattoos

Arrow tattoo have been popular past few years and every year the arrow is pictured in new trendy way. This simple arrow tattoo still is a special symbol that can effect your life. Before getting an arrow tattoo you should definitely find out what arrow tattoo symbolizes.

Lucky Clover Tattoos

clover tattoo for women

There are some tattoos that are meant to protect you while the others will add some strength and power. If you are wonder whether there is a tattoo that will bring your luck, the answer is yes. Four-leaf clover that has become the symbol of luck carries the same meaning if tattooing on your body. The story about the clover tattoo and its meaning is much more interesting than you could imagine.

Popular Treble Clef Tattoos 2017

treble clef tattoosMusic symbols are perfect for tattoos not only for musicians but also for those who find peace in music. Indeed, life is nothing without music and with music life is more colorful. Wearing musical tattoo can make you brighter; it will inject you with positive vibes.

Realistic Heart Tattoos

Realistic Heart Tattoos

Looking for a popular tattoo for 2017 you will probably come across anatomical heart tattoos. They look really cool and impressive especially when inked in modern tattooing styles like geometric tattooing or linework.

Cool Deer Antler Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

cool deer antler tattoos

Animal tattoos are extremely popular this year. Some really cool examples of animal tattoos inked in modern styles like linework and dotwork are definitely worth to be considered. Well we do appreciate the unique look of animal tattoos but let’s not forget that every tattoo has its meaning while animal tattoos are chosen as totems to protect and give power. We have discussed some animal tattoos before and at this time we are going to present some of the coolest tattoo ideas. 

The Meaning of Mom & Dad Tattoos

mom and dad tattoos

The life is full of ups and downs, you are gaining and losing friends, come enter your life and change it, the others will change your life by leaving you but there will always be two people around that will support you through life. Parents are the most important persons in your life that you should value and appreciate no matter what. Mom and dad tattoo is yet another tribute to your love and devotion to parents.

Dreamcatcher Tattoos for Women

dreamcatcher tattoos 2017

Dreamcatcher is more than just a cute part of home décor. It has very special role and carries special meaning. Found in the culture of Native Americans dreamcatcher has become one of the most popular tattoo designs.