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Unthinkable Tongue Tattoo Styles


We live in such era when everywhere an everyday we meet crazy and unthinkable things and nowadays we have to be extraordinary and make mind blowing looks. Have you ever seen tongue tattoo? Surely it is one of such extraordinary things that we have ever seen and heard. Though it gives crazy and mind blowing look to wearer it is very common today. We will never can to answer why do people weary to such crazy things likewise tattooing or piercing on the most odd parts of their body but they should patently be advised (only for the chronicle). 

First Tattooing

First tattooing is very emotive. We guess so you have passed the steps of opting for wished tattoo design, size and body part where you want to get it. Those steps are certainly important but there are few things about what you should be informed if you decided to get your first tattoo.


We would like first of all to remember you that if you have got a tattoo you have to wear it whole your life. Even if you make an irregular choice (be it style of tattoo or body’s part) soon you can got bored. Certainly nowadays there are amazing ways for removing tattoo but, if you are not sure that you will ever remove it then tattoo artists offer you to get temporary tattoo.

Most Popular Parts of Body for Tattooing

You must suggest with us if we will say that tattoo is a quiet art. It is fact that tattooed body has more attractive and sexy look but you should know it costs a lot. Surely you understood that we are not talking about much money (tattooing costs a lot, particularly when done by real prof artist). So in this article we would like to tell you about risks and ache that you will have if you decided to get a tattoo.


Tattoo’s size certainly has importance but you should be informed that body part is the great factor for getting tattoo. As you know different body spots have different skin’s thickness; so that you will have different felling of pain. So here are represented the most popular parts of body for tattooing about that you should be inform before deciding to get tattoo. 

Tiny Tattoos for Ladies

Most of ladies love tattoos particularly those tiny and hot tattoos that are covered. The trend of tiny tattoos for ladies is strong and fresh collection of 2016 tattoos includes amazing tattoo designs.

The most interesting thing about tiny tattoo is that it can be less eye catching. This is important moment especially for those ladies who can get problems wearing massive tattoo. Here are represented few creative designs where to get tiny tattoo and the trend of this year.


Tiny tattoos have most common designs. And one of these common designs is Chinese symbol. You can discover countless symbols with particular sense and just you will know the sense of your tattoo. Chinese symbol can easily be created on finger, ankle, on wrist, behind ear or at nape. Chinese symbol is mostly in black color. 

Snorting Rose Tattoos for Ladies


The flower tattoo ideas are very common among ladies. Aside from being highly voguish and womanish rose tattoo has sense as any other flower. So here are represented few of the most snorting rose tattoos for ladies and parts of body where will be perfect getting rose tattoo design. 

Lovely Compass Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo is a snorting way for self-expressing. Leastwise this was the first function of tattooing for a long time till nowadays. Today most of people may have forgotten this important fact and opt for tattoo just in a promiscuous method. We really hope you are a quiet lover of snorting tattoo ideas with sense because in this article we are going to represent lovely compass tattoo ideas that are one of the most significant and snorting tattoos from  tattoo trends 2016.


You must know that compass itself has very particular sense. It shows us right way if we are lost. Compass tattoo has the same sense. Spanish conquistador was the first who created compass tattoo styles; nowadays it is one of the most often opted for tattoos likewise clock, dreamcatcher, anchor and etc. 

Snorting Angel Tattoo Designs

Angel or any other tattoo design with Christian motifs is very common nowadays. Snorting angel tattoo designs are mostly huge tattoos so if you are searching really cute and eye catching tattoo ideas you can find something suitable for you in this brief gallery of snorting angel tattoo designs.


Angel tattoo certainly has meaning. It is symbol of your beliefs and of course your connection with the God but, alas, not every wearer thinks of sense when creating angel tattoo. So we hope after creating angel tattoo designs those people who have never feel connection with the God maybe will feel something particular. 

Beautiful Tattoo Designs on Wrist

Wrist tattoos are held in the tattoo trends’ list of 2016.  Wrist tattoo is appropriate for everyone from boys till ladies. So we would like to represent you beautiful tattoo designs on wrist that can be appropriate for ladies. You can easily make the same one of them or to get some design ideas and illumination for your future wished tattoo.


There are few types of wrist tattoos that are so common today. Circle tattoo is one of them. It can encircle your wrist as a beautiful bracelet. This tattoo type can easily have jewelry function. For this tattoo type you can have something quite gentle due to it will not have too emphasized and bold image. 

Attractive Cosmetic Tattooing

Attractive cosmetic tattooing is a wonderful type of body art. Most of us know that it is meant to emphasize our facial features. We must notice that it is so common technique today and widely spread rally all over the world. There are high qualities up to date instruments that can give can give you wished effect with no pain (or sometimes with minimal pain).


From artists’ words modern cosmetic tattoo is really safe. As you know there we are dealing with up to gentle parts of body like eyelids, lips and eyebrows so that the process certainly can be painful. Besides ink as tattoo machine of course will be professional because of this there will be more extra complications.  

Finger Tattoo Designs

really-expressive-1-520x350 - Copy

Finger tattoos are very common now. Small tattoo looks very cool and loved among teens. Besides it is can be the best option for those people who desire to have tattoo but at the same time stay away from attractive and eye catching massive tattoos. 2016 tattoo trends include infinite ideas of finger tattoos, so you can furthermore make your design and for the start you can get some illumination from the following shown finger tattoo designs and find out the meaning of them.