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Awesome Jellyfish Tattoos

colorful jellyfish tattoos

Thinking of aquatic tattoo one will hardly think of a jellyfish tattoo. You may say fish tattoo, turtle tattoo or shark tattoo is more popular than jellyfish yet as soon as you look through the gallery of those awesome jellyfish tattoos you will forget about all the other styles you were considering before. This is not just the unique styles of jellyfish tattoos, it is about the meaning of the aquatic tattoo and its symbolism.

Mystic Bat Tattoos

mystic bat tattoos

Mystic bat is connected with Dracula and this is not the only thing that makes the creature so scary. This night animal is surrounded with mystic legends and stories, bats are seen in all the horror movies and they appear in A moment we hardly expect them. Bats were around since prehistoric times and they always symbolized the mystic underworld. Bats were often associated with hell and symbolized destruction.

Crazy Werewolf Tattoos 2017

werewolf tattoo

Strong and horrendous tattoos are getting more and more popular. The styles like snake, dragon, wolf and werewolf tattoos carry very strong symbolism and before getting this kind of tattoo you should examine the symbolism and meaning of tattoo in details. At this time we are presenting you the most spectacular werewolf tattoos with meaning to decorate your body.

Sweet Cherry Tattoo Ideas

Sweet Cherry Tattoo Ideas

One of the cutest and sexiest tattoo styles for girls popular today is cherry tattoo. Sultry red cherries inked on sexy curves look fantastic while the meaning of cherry tattoo is even more interesting. If you have chosen cherry tattoo to decorate your body you should definitely check out the meaning of cherry tattoo.

Creative Honey Bee Tattoos 2017

honey bee tattoos 2017

We are used to see butterfly tattoos and bird tattoos and they do look really cute but what do you think about honey bee tattoos? They are actually quite popular because of unique meaning and symbolism of bee so this is why hone bee tattoo collection should have its unique place in 2017 tattoo trends.

Smashing Deer Tattoo Styles

smashing deer tattoos

One of the most gracious animals that is now considered cool tattoo style for both boys and girls is deer. The image of a deer was seen in many ancient cultures. Moreover, since prehistoric times the image was drawn on the walls of the caves, it was the symbol of noble houses and was pictured on the flags as the symbol of nobility, peace and love.

Popular Treble Clef Tattoos 2017

treble clef tattoosMusic symbols are perfect for tattoos not only for musicians but also for those who find peace in music. Indeed, life is nothing without music and with music life is more colorful. Wearing musical tattoo can make you brighter; it will inject you with positive vibes.

Biomech Tattoos for Men

Biomech Tattoo on wrist

Robots and androids have already become parts of our lives and our society gets ready for living side by side with androids. What we have no is scientists creating new life and people who already have biomechanical machines in their lives, well, actually they got it on their bodies.

Realistic Heart Tattoos

Realistic Heart Tattoos

Looking for a popular tattoo for 2017 you will probably come across anatomical heart tattoos. They look really cool and impressive especially when inked in modern tattooing styles like geometric tattooing or linework.

Cool Oni Mask Tattoos for Men

oni mask tattoos

Oni mask is a detail frequently seen in traditional Japanese tattoos and just like any traditional tattoo of ancient culture Oni mask has very unique meaning and symbolism. The fierce look of Oni mask will never let you forget it but the meaning is much more interesting that you can imagine.