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Beautiful Mehndi Tattoos

mehndi tattoo styles

Temporary tattoos are extremely popular today. Temporary tattoo is a perfect solution for those who are still afraid of getting a permanent tattoo. Beautiful picture that will decorate body for couple of weeks of months makes you feel a part of tattoo addicts and maybe some day you will be brave enough to get a permanent one. 

Temporary Tattoo Ideas 2017

temporary tattoosTattoo addicts will never consider temporary tattoo for self-expression and body decorations. Still, for many of you temporary tattoo is the first step in tattooing. More often girls and boys who have tried temporary tattoo soon switched to a permanent one. In this point of view temporary tattoo is quite a handy thing; you can try on several styles of tattoos with no risk and pain and make your choice. Regardless of the reason on getting temporary tattoo, they are extremely popular today.

Crazy Tattoo Ideas for Face

As we know wearing tattoo is a daring and serious decision especially when it comes to tattooing on face. Properly opted for tattoo design and the part of body where it made can tell so many things about the wearer. Your body sure is a picture for professional tattoo artist who are able to create a real art.


Those who are real lovers of tattooing get more than one or two tattoos. There is a think that those who once get a tattoo they never stop this tattooing process and because of this we have stopped stared at crazy tattoo ideas for face for those people who desire to completely tattooed body. 

First Tattooing

First tattooing is very emotive. We guess so you have passed the steps of opting for wished tattoo design, size and body part where you want to get it. Those steps are certainly important but there are few things about what you should be informed if you decided to get your first tattoo.


We would like first of all to remember you that if you have got a tattoo you have to wear it whole your life. Even if you make an irregular choice (be it style of tattoo or body’s part) soon you can got bored. Certainly nowadays there are amazing ways for removing tattoo but, if you are not sure that you will ever remove it then tattoo artists offer you to get temporary tattoo.

Cute Tattoos on Chest

Today tattoos are getting more popularity. If once they were a symbol of diligent personality and lifestyle now it is part of look of millions. Henna, temporary, regular tattoos and airbrush body art is very common and if you are a real stylish woman you must have a attractive tattoo.


Opting for tattoo is not an easy thing than you think. So from the biggest versions of available styles, colors, shapes as well as region of body that you wished to be tattooed you will try to discover the best one. Because having a tattoo is a serious solution you should be really sure what you exactly wish.

So we want to represent you the most common tattoo styles 2016 that will be appropriate for beauty bunnies. Now we would like to represent you bold styles of tattoos on chest that have received more attention recently. 

Cute Temporary and Cool Henna Tattoos

Body art certainly is one of the most common ways of expressing your feelings and ideas or your individuality. Most of boys and girls have tattoos and making first tattoo start to feel like tattoo acidity. We regret to notice that not everyone can make regular tattoo but trial is powerful. Surely you have ever heard about cute temporary tattoos and if you still hesitate whether it is still caliber to have temporary tattoo or not, following are shown few ideas of cute temporary and cool henna tattoos.

Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo

The most important thing for temporary tattoo is certainly the ability of getting wished design without any hazard and misery. Cute temporary tattoo is nearly equal to regular tattoo only it cannot be saved long. There are few types of cute temporary tattoos and cool henna tattoo that can become the best tattoos from all usable techniques. 

White Ink Tattoo Styles

Everybody knows about black ink tattoos. Surely they are more popular but fresh trend of 2016 is white ink tattoo. What do you know about glowing tattoo? It is really extraordinary. Here are shown few of the most common white ink tattoo styles as well as UV tattoos’ cons and cohorts.

white ink tattoo

white ink tattoo

It is interesting to know that white ink tattoo is custom of the identical ink. But we can’t not to notice that they are less staring and sensational than colorful or black tattoos that are still very dramatic especially on weather-beaten skin. So it will be excellent to have fresh white ink tattoo if you are getting ready for 2016 summer. 

Gold Temporary Tattoos; Summer Trend for 2016

Have you already got ready for summer 2016? So you should know that some girls have already got ready. They have already bought knew jewelry and accessories for this summer. But we have special offer only for you. If you desire to shock each man around you and keep all eyes only on you we offer you to look on following gold temporary tattoos, summer trend for 2016.

Gold temporary tattoo

Gold temporary tattoo

You will be shocked seeing the offer of Precious Skin label. There are platinum temporary or 24-carat gold tattoos. Of course you have ever seen temporary tattoo that was made of tidy gold? 

Lip Tattoo Ideas

Surely everybody noticed that tattoos in unpredictable places are really getting more popular day by day. One of these tattoos in unpredictable places is lip tattoo. There are few types of lip tattoos and you should know about them. Those are permanent and temporary and surely fresh tattoo trends hold both of them.


So we must inform you that temporary lip tattoo can easily be a snoring style of your lip makeup and it can just be the usable way to make your lips look fuller. Usually you can meet that for having bolder look different artists offer people to get beautiful animal prints or designs. 

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