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Wonderful Eye Tattoos

Wonderful eye tattoos are one of the most fantastic and extraordinary tattoo ideas that are trendy today. Both men and ladies opt for eye tattoo styles so if you have made to your mind to have something really particular and mind blowing then we offer you to search information about eye tattoo meaning and to know which the most common eye tattoo designs are.


You should know that both eye tattoos that have natural or abstract look are very common. More frequently eye is made in conger with other items like heart, teardrops, abstract lines, triangle and etc. 

Pretty Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Butterflies are the hottest designs for tattooing for ladies that will look daring and at that time quiet pretty and chic. No matter small or huge butterfly but sure it will make body look more womanish and sexy.

colorful butterfly tattoos

colorful butterfly tattoos

As butterfly is in gear in the group of insects so that it has much prettier and subtle look than other insects’ tattoo designs like bats, spiders and ants. Besides of having pretty look butterfly tattoo design has sense, very special sense. If you have decided to have butterfly tattoo design and you are searching unique tattoo design then at first you should find out the sense of butterfly tattoo design and learn where do your butterflies will look best. 

Popular Tattoos For Summer 2016


As every girl sure you are getting ready for hot summer 2016. So the best thing that you can do it is to bung your body with cute fresh tattoo. Popular tattoo trends for summer 2016 include so many pretty styles that will become real accessories for you. So the next unique tattoos can show you some interesting and fresh ideas and surely will help you to opt for a one. 

Portrait Tattoo’s Ideas

As you know portrait tattoo is one of the oldest ideas in tattooing yet in last years it has got radical fresh approach. For getting portrait tattoos for artists were inspiration individualities like rock stars, pop stars, actors or actress’ and the people opted for them more often.

Also people opt for relatives’ or beloved people’s pictures for portrait tattoos. But this style is so individual due to it let’s leave it and then talk about the freshest trends of portrait tattoo’s ideas.

women face tattoos portrait

women face tattoos portrait

If you are a real fan of notoriety and you desire to get him or her near you all day long you can pronouncedly create notoriety’s portrait tattoo. You can have it on a leg, shoulder, back or chest. As a matter of fact there are no any special rules for doing portrait tattoos. 

Hot Bow Tattoos 2016

The collection of womanish tattoos holds colorful pretty butterflies, blossoms, flowers, stars, bows, kittens and so other attractive styles that will primp body and become announcement accessory.

girly bow tattoo

girly bow tattoo

Hot bow tattoo is more appropriate for womanish and glamorous ladies who are all in vogue and love hot accessories. For having glamorous image ladies more often opt for tiny hot bow tattoo on the behind ear, at the nape or on a finger. 

White Ink Tattoo Styles

Everybody knows about black ink tattoos. Surely they are more popular but fresh trend of 2016 is white ink tattoo. What do you know about glowing tattoo? It is really extraordinary. Here are shown few of the most common white ink tattoo styles as well as UV tattoos’ cons and cohorts.

white ink tattoo

white ink tattoo

It is interesting to know that white ink tattoo is custom of the identical ink. But we can’t not to notice that they are less staring and sensational than colorful or black tattoos that are still very dramatic especially on weather-beaten skin. So it will be excellent to have fresh white ink tattoo if you are getting ready for 2016 summer. 

Gold Temporary Tattoos; Summer Trend for 2016

Have you already got ready for summer 2016? So you should know that some girls have already got ready. They have already bought knew jewelry and accessories for this summer. But we have special offer only for you. If you desire to shock each man around you and keep all eyes only on you we offer you to look on following gold temporary tattoos, summer trend for 2016.

Gold temporary tattoo

Gold temporary tattoo

You will be shocked seeing the offer of Precious Skin label. There are platinum temporary or 24-carat gold tattoos. Of course you have ever seen temporary tattoo that was made of tidy gold? 

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