Finger Tattoo Designs

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Finger tattoos are very common now. Small tattoo looks very cool and loved among teens. Besides it is can be the best option for those people who desire to have tattoo but at the same time stay away from attractive and eye catching massive tattoos. 2016 tattoo trends include infinite ideas of finger tattoos, so you can furthermore make your design and for the start you can get some illumination from the following shown finger tattoo designs and find out the meaning of them. 

Tattoo of course should be tiny because there is no much space for massive tattoo. You can make anything you wish for finger tattoo. The beneath shown illustrations are the most often opted for tattoos. Let’s start with words.

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Quote tattoos and force words are the best for accentuating your personality. Words are more common for finger tattoo. As a tattoo girls opt for “Hope”, “Believe”, “Faith”,  “Love”, “Promise”  and other force words that are able always make you feel particular looking at it.


For finger tattoo names are very common too. More frequently couples opt for finger tattoos and create their names as the memento of their big love. Name may be tattooed on the inner side of finger for being less eye catching.

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Finger tattoo’s another trend is ring finger tattoo. It is more common among couples. The design of tattoo can be originative tattooed names, ring better than a date.

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Superstition tells that tattooed ring can bring bad luck but most of couples have ring finger tattoo. Moreover of being modish ring finger tattoo is very choices. After all, you will always remember not to lose your wedding ring.

Thereto of ring tattoos and words there are numerous other pretty ideas for finger tattoo like hot small bow, star, arrow, bird, heart, butterfly and so on. You will certainly find the cutest tattoo for you.

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