Fresh Ideas for Lotus Tattoo


Lotus tattoo as any other flower’s tattoo styles are very common among women. Highlighting womanish and grace flower tattoo will look very cool and tender. This is important thing for those women who are afraid of getting orderly tattoo designs in terms of career. Both tiny and huge flower tattoo styles are trendy. And you can make it less eye catching or opt for part of body where you can pretend your glorious tattoo and receive a lot of joy. 

So we offer to get back to fresh ideas for lotus tattoo and these are more interesting, lotus tattoo sense and history. Lotus you can meet in different cultures and it has different senses. According Buddhism symbolism lotus is symbol of fertility and refinement. It means cleave and intervals for better. The woman who gets lotus tattoo design desires to show that she has outdo difficulties and still outlived and moves on.


Surely you know Koi fish tattoo idea has the same sense and because of this lotus tattoo is very frequently painted with koi fish. Such comp will have perfect influence and you certainly always will have a story for telling about your tattoo.



Lotus tattoo like other flower tattoo designs will look lovely on any part of your body. Women more frequently get flower tattoo design on their neck, spine, thigh or rib. Certainly you can create your lotus tattoo on any part of your body you wish; you can easily get some illumination from those instances but keep on you mind that tattoo have to highlight your individuality so that try to be canny when opting for the one.