Fresh Sun Tattoo Designs


Orphic symbols likewise sun, stars and moon are very often opted for as tattoo designs. Ladies find something occult about having such symbol’s designs and due to it most of them are included in tattoo trends for 2016. We will certainly discuss all of them but at the same time we would like to show you few wonderful instances of fresh sun tattoo designs for ladies. 

Sun is a symbol that was adored in many cultures so due to it has many solutions. It symbolizes life and energy that will never end and of course tattoo has the same sense.


In several cultures sun is understood as a trustee. Because of the sun has countless sense and solutions so that it has countless designs. We mean that the sun in different cultures was showed in different ways.


According to Christian symbolism the sun is the symbol of power, birth and rebirth. Additionally, the sun is more frequently understood as Jesus Christ himself. So what do you think can you remember any other symbol that will have such strong sense and power? Surely, sun tattoo can give you real great power.



Because of having so many senses and cultural differences you should know that there are countless designs of sun tattoos. For example the sun created with tribal motifs, practical sun or the flower design. Be sure which one to opt for is up to you so opt for carefully and try to discover the best one that will draw your inner world and the best one that will be able to make you feel stronger.



These fresh sun tattoo designs will look glorious on wrist, shoulder, spine and neck. But, certainly you can create it anywhere you wish because you are free in your choices when it comes to tattoo.