Glorious Lily Tattoo Designs

Gentle and glorious lily tattoo designs are able to make woman’s body very womanish and alluring. Delicate shades of such tattoo will highlight woman’s real natural beauty surely in the best way and without looking too attractive or eye catching. The next showed designs of glorious lily tattoos will support you to discover the most appropriate tattoo design for you. Besides of it we would like to try to get back and get information about the story of flower lily and all mythology about glorious lilies.


According to Greek mythology lily in white was made from the bosom milk of Hera due to it the flower is the symbol fertility, birth, clarity, innocence and parentage. As you notice those are features excellently appropriate only for ladies and lily tattoo design is the best one you need.  

Christians frequently opt for lily as a symbol of clarity and parentage. White lily was connected with Virgin Mary. Lily’s each petal had its sense; charity, belief and hope.


There is another interesting solution and story of lily. You should know that in Middle Ages lily was painted on the sign of France. This tattoo symbol has a very long story. So we will leap it and try to go back to glorious lily tattoos.

According to symbolism and sense lily has no special and unique one (for ladies surely) and it will certainly make you feel particular about your tattoo design.


More frequently lily is painted in pale pink shade with tints of white and brown and even if you are the big lover of darker tints you can certainly get lily colored in black. Flowers will look mystical on spine, shoulder, thigh and rib. Huge lily tattoo design is the best one for decorating your body so be brave and don’t afraid of your tattoo’s sizes.