Ideas for Getting Lock & Key Tattoos

Ideas for getting lock and key tattoos surely are the prettiest tattoos with meaning appropriate for couples. The story of lock and key tattoo idea is very long and of course interesting and if you have made on your mind getting such a unique and attractive tattoo you must be informed about its meaning.


The symbol lock and key suggests keeping something covered and secret. The sense of getting lock and key tattoo is nearly the same. So besides of direct sense lock and key are showed with metaphorical sense; lock is the symbol of lady, while the key symbolize man. Lock and key tattoo if matching each other is explained as an excellent couple that can do charm. 

Lock and key composes of two dissimilar pictures and it can easily be made on diverse parts of body for getting maximum influence. For example you can make on key one thigh and lock on the other. More common style is design of lock and key tattoo getting on wrists.



More complex designs of tattoo canvases lock and key together decorated with other items likewise skull, heart, flower (mainly red rose that symbolizes love) and etc. Power words and quotes are also created together with design lock and key.



As we have said in upper part of article lock and key tattoo is so common among couples. And surely it has very particular sense when woman makes lock and man gets key tattoo. More frequently tattoos are created on wrist or shoulder.