Lip Tattoo Ideas

Surely everybody noticed that tattoos in unpredictable places are really getting more popular day by day. One of these tattoos in unpredictable places is lip tattoo. There are few types of lip tattoos and you should know about them. Those are permanent and temporary and surely fresh tattoo trends hold both of them.


So we must inform you that temporary lip tattoo can easily be a snoring style of your lip makeup and it can just be the usable way to make your lips look fuller. Usually you can meet that for having bolder look different artists offer people to get beautiful animal prints or designs. 

Two wards about permanent lip tattoo. So it is ordinarily made on the inside of lower lip. Clearly it can be a word or small picture. There are shown 5 lip tattoos. The tattoo masters think that these are very popular now.


Hello Kitty. Are you know about Hello Kitty? This popular character you can meet not only on clothing and accessories but is chosen usually as tattoo character too. One for girls who desire to highlight their individuality it is can be the hottest for lip tattoo. Of course it will not be visible if you don’t want to show it off.


As you know for tattoos power words are very popular and we are sure you may have never supposed to have one of these for lip tattoo. So it can be motivating ward, very special name or a slogan. For example power words can be “insane”, “love”, “lust” or “fixation” and these are the most often seen lip tattoos and you should know that there are no any rules and boundaries if we talk about tattoo designs and you can easily have anything you want.





At last we want to remember you that having lip tattoo is oh so quite painful process. At first make sure that tattoo artist is a real master and he uses high quality ink.