Lovely Compass Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo is a snorting way for self-expressing. Leastwise this was the first function of tattooing for a long time till nowadays. Today most of people may have forgotten this important fact and opt for tattoo just in a promiscuous method. We really hope you are a quiet lover of snorting tattoo ideas with sense because in this article we are going to represent lovely compass tattoo ideas that are one of the most significant and snorting tattoos from  tattoo trends 2016.


You must know that compass itself has very particular sense. It shows us right way if we are lost. Compass tattoo has the same sense. Spanish conquistador was the first who created compass tattoo styles; nowadays it is one of the most often opted for tattoos likewise clock, dreamcatcher, anchor and etc. 

There is legend that compass tattoo is able to protect the wearer and leads him. It surely can be understood straight or in metaphor. But in fact it is not very important. There is a fact that compass tattoo design will certainly protect you (and we think that it is not superstition). More frequently compass is painted with North Star that is the symbol of right direction.



Compass tattoo design can be created on any part of women’s body. Ladies more frequently make compass on the back. And if it is tiny tattoo design it can be made on wrist or also on foot. In more sophisticated designs compass is painted with sun, clock, owl, globe and etc.


Compass tattoo design looks equally glorious if it painted in black or bright shades. The difference of them is that colorful tattoo design will look more attractive and bold.


If you wish to make compass tattoo design that is less bold you can create it on your rib or thigh. Still the ladies who love tattoo desire to show off such part of art and create compass tattoo on their shoulder, wrist and nape.