Orchid Tattoo Designs for Women

Orchid is one of the freakiest and the prettiest flower. It is an excellent motif for being lady’s tattoo design. All flowers surely make lady’s body more alluring and womanish but orchid is of course highlighted from all patent flowers.

Orchid has different senses in different cultures and if you have made on your mind to create one of those orchid tattoo designs for women you need to be informed what it symbolizes and about the most suitable part of body for getting it.


Orchid symbolizes sex (different kinds of orchid are symbol of male and womanish genitals). The wearer of such tattoo should know this information even if asked provocative question. 

You should know that orchid has over 25000 kinds and because of this Greeks named it as flower of splendor. Aztecs used to make creature from orchid for power and potency.


Orchid is the symbol of fertility, potency, grace, chic and femininity. Of course orchid tattoo is excellent for a lady who desires to accentuate her beauty and sexuality.

Due to versatile of orchids and capacious palette you may be offered countless versions of orchid tattoo designs. Certainly you will get matted in such big variety but if you decided really what you wish you will succeed to discover the best one for you.


First thing for determining is body part for you for getting orchid tattoo. Huge orchid tattoo will look slashing on thigh, rib, stomach and spine. For huge tattoo it will be better to opt for colorful tattoo design that contains two or more tints for greater influences.


At the end no matter you opt for colorful or black colored orchid, tiny or massive tattoo your orchid will surely make you feel quiet blessed.