Popular Tattoos For Summer 2016


As every girl sure you are getting ready for hot summer 2016. So the best thing that you can do it is to bung your body with cute fresh tattoo. Popular tattoo trends for summer 2016 include so many pretty styles that will become real accessories for you. So the next unique tattoos can show you some interesting and fresh ideas and surely will help you to opt for a one. 

Ideas of Fairy Tattoo

For summer 2016 fairy tattoo is first tendency. Such beautiful and womanish tattoo will be appropriate for ladies who desire to highlight their temper. More frequently fairy tattoo is great styles on the shoulder or on the back but freshest tendencies also hold smaller styles of fairy tattoos.


Ideas of Star Tattoo

It is easy to surmise that all star tattoos’ ideas will always be in tendency but for summer 2016 you should pronouncedly make small star tattoos but on eye catching region of your body like nape, foot or finger. Star tattoos that are multi tonal and black will give slashing look to your body.



Ideas of Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are so cute and very common among ladies. Roses, cherry blossoms, lilies and many other ideas will beautifully decorate any region of your body. So if you are so brave and ready for radical changes we offer to take a glance to the brief show of flower tattoos on rib.



Ideas of Butterfly Tattoo

Last tendency included in summer 2016 tattoo trends is butterfly tattoo ideas. For summer 2016 you should exactly create colorful butterflies and even if you are the big lover of minimalistic designs then you can create black small butterflies.