Powerful Leo Zodiac Tattoo Designs


If you belong to those people who are strong, loyal, ambitious and confident then we can say that your zodiac sign is Leo. According to the astrology this sign is ruled by the Sun and the symbol of it of course is lion. Such conger of the symbols that are most powerful surely can’t be ignored so that we offer to check out several the most powerful Leo zodiac tattoo designs

As you notice for Leo zodiac sign the most impressive tattoo can surely be lion. It can be anything from only head of lion till massive lion tattoo hiding all back or chest. Certainly powerful such tattoo will be more appropriate for men while ladies can make tribal lion or abstract tattoo style.



As any other zodiac signs powerful Leo zodiac tattoo sign designs are more preferable for wearers. Small Leo sign will look hot behind ear, on finger or on wrist. Those simple Leo tattoos that are made on rib and neck surely look so breathtaking and in case you think that they are very simple for be tattooed by you then you can unite zodiac sign with interesting items. The symbol of Leo zodiac sign is fire. The best way for making your slashing tattoo more impressive is to vamp up it with flames.


Freshest trend of Chinese hieroglyphs offer to make creative Leo tattoo in hieroglyphs. Having these hieroglyphs only you will know about your tattoo meaning and what it symbolizes.