Pretty Pisces Tattoo Designs

Those people who are born from February 20 till March 20 they belong to the sign of Pisces zodiac. This people are loyal, kind and pitiful. So if you also belong to Pisces zodiac sign then you may be interested of having pretty Pisces tattoo on your body.


As Gemini tattoo designs also Pisces zodiac sign there can be more alternatives for symbolizing the Pisces. There are represented few examples of the most common and preferable zodiac tattoos but you of course can discover for you infinite designs if needed. 

First pretty Pisces tattoo design that we want to discuss is surely traditional zodiac sign. This zodiac sign like any other can be an excellent choice for a tiny tattoo and will look pretty on wrist, behind ear or on nape.



Most of people who has tattooed Pisces will suggest that pair of fish tattoo is can easily be named the most common option for this. As a rule koi fish is opted for tattoo because it has strong sense and looks really hot. Be brave and don’t afraid to choose huge koi fish tattoo that will be pictured in bright colors like green, blue, orange and red. Such impressive huge tattoo will look excellent on back.

Two wards about more womanish type of Pisces tattoo. It is two mermaids that again are symbols of Pisces. For less attractive look you can opt for small gold fish that can become your secret amulet. And you can cover it behind ear, on foot or on rib.


If you are the great lover of tribal and interesting tattoos you can make tribal fish tattoo that can an excellent alternative for tattooing Pisces zodiac sign. Both huge and tiny tribal fish tattoos have pretty look but remember that tribal tattoo is created in black and it will surely attract much attention.