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Smashing Deer Tattoo Styles

smashing deer tattoos

One of the most gracious animals that is now considered cool tattoo style for both boys and girls is deer. The image of a deer was seen in many ancient cultures. Moreover, since prehistoric times the image was drawn on the walls of the caves, it was the symbol of noble houses and was pictured on the flags as the symbol of nobility, peace and love.

Cool Deer Antler Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

cool deer antler tattoos

Animal tattoos are extremely popular this year. Some really cool examples of animal tattoos inked in modern styles like linework and dotwork are definitely worth to be considered. Well we do appreciate the unique look of animal tattoos but let’s not forget that every tattoo has its meaning while animal tattoos are chosen as totems to protect and give power. We have discussed some animal tattoos before and at this time we are going to present some of the coolest tattoo ideas. 

Tiny Tattoos on Wrist

flower tattoo on wrist

Ever wondered where tattoo will look best? Your body is a canvas and depending on the style of tattoo. Yet there is a “secret” place for tattoo that is always a success.

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas for Women

ladybug women tattoos

Tattoo is not just a body art. Every single tattoo has its meaning and tattoo do has impact on the life of the wearer. To have a story to tell about your tattoo as well as to be in harmony with the symbol tattoo. One of such tattoos that carries very special meaning is ladybug tattoo. This cute insect is present in many cultures and in each of them ladybug has its meaning.

Fabulous Elephant Tattoos

elephant tattoo ideas

Animal tattoos are of great popularity today and they are pictured in modern tattoo styles like geometric tattoo, dotwork or linework. In fact, animal tattoos were present in all tattoo styles as well as in tribal tattoos. Every animal has its meaning and symbolizes certain thing. People choose animal tattoo as a unique was to carry totem animal on their body. That totem animal has protective meaning so wearing such special tattoo is more htan decorating your body with a picture.

Manta Ray Tattoo Styles 2017

Manta Ray Tattoo Styles 2017

Polynesian tribal tattoos are one of the most impressive tribal tattoos. 2017 tattoo trends include several tribal tattoo types that are unique with their meaning and style. Polynesian tattoo can surely be considered the leading tattoo styles and no wonder why boys and girls are so interested in tribal tattoo symbols and meaning.

Small Colorful Tattoos 2017

Small Colorful Tattoos 2017

2017 tattoo trends are truly contrastive. On one side with have monochromatic tattoos like dotwork. line work and minimalistic tattoos, while on the other hand we have watercolor styles, Old School and New School tattoos that admire with the rainbow of colors. Tattoo addicts are divided into two groups while we are going to enjoy both styles. For now, let’s check out some of the cutest colorful small tattoos that are meant to decorate body without looking bold.

Taurus Tattoo Designs


According to horoscope those people who belong to zodiac sign of Taurus are hard, possessive, fleshly and quite mulish. As known Taurus zodiac sign is ruled by Venus that is the goddess of love due to it Taurus are very passionate. So that Taurus tattoo designs are cool and attractive. The next showed designs of Taurus tattoos will illuminate with some choices for your future tattoo. 

Amazing Aries Tattoo Designs for 2016


Aries are real leaders; they are liberal, independent, brave and optimistic. As such zodiac sign is a powerful so that Aries tattoos are so impressive. Those several examples of amazing Aries tattoo designs for 2016 are the best part of the biggest collection so we offer to start investigating what you prefer to have. 

Scorpio Tattoo Designs


Those people who are born from October 24 till November 22 they belong to the sign of Scorpio zodiac. According to astrological theory this sign is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars. Scorpions are fervent and loyal, unaided and always try to carry out the goals. Scorpio tattoo styles are as fervent and attractive as zodiac sign itself. In this article we are going to represent several of them.