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Mystic Triangle Tattoos

triangle tattoo

It is believed that the symbol of triangle is older than the earth.  Triangle has already become the A tattoo style of past tattoo trends and we do believe the style will be on trend for the next century as well. The mystic meaning of triangle makes the symbol even more special. Before you have made up your mind to get a triangle tattoo it is worth to know what the sign symbolizes and what it will bring to your life.

Smashing Deer Tattoo Styles

smashing deer tattoos

One of the most gracious animals that is now considered cool tattoo style for both boys and girls is deer. The image of a deer was seen in many ancient cultures. Moreover, since prehistoric times the image was drawn on the walls of the caves, it was the symbol of noble houses and was pictured on the flags as the symbol of nobility, peace and love.

Realistic Heart Tattoos

Realistic Heart Tattoos

Looking for a popular tattoo for 2017 you will probably come across anatomical heart tattoos. They look really cool and impressive especially when inked in modern tattooing styles like geometric tattooing or linework.

Cool Oni Mask Tattoos for Men

oni mask tattoos

Oni mask is a detail frequently seen in traditional Japanese tattoos and just like any traditional tattoo of ancient culture Oni mask has very unique meaning and symbolism. The fierce look of Oni mask will never let you forget it but the meaning is much more interesting that you can imagine.

Cool Deer Antler Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

cool deer antler tattoos

Animal tattoos are extremely popular this year. Some really cool examples of animal tattoos inked in modern styles like linework and dotwork are definitely worth to be considered. Well we do appreciate the unique look of animal tattoos but let’s not forget that every tattoo has its meaning while animal tattoos are chosen as totems to protect and give power. We have discussed some animal tattoos before and at this time we are going to present some of the coolest tattoo ideas. 

Breast Tattoos for Women


One of the most stunning and appealing tattoos for women is breast tattoo that decorates woman’s body in the best way. The more painful to get tattooed the more fantastic tattoo looks so yes it do hurts getting breast tattoo but the result is worth any pain. We have put together some of the most beautiful breast tattoos for women that will take your breath away.

Face Tattoo Ideas for Men

Face Tattoo Ideas for Men

We do love tattoos and appreciate all the masterpieces ever created and the ones that will be created in the future. Still, there are some tattoos that are too bold for most of us. One of the craziest tattoo styles that we have ever seen around is face tattoo.  They are more popular among boys so let’s check out some of the craziest face tattoos for men.

2017 Neck Tattoos for Men

Tattoo has become one of the best ways to express your personality. It is a visualization of your thoughts, character, life, dreams and your goals. While we used to say that clothing is the best way to express your personality, today tattoo can tell a whole story about a person.

Mayan Calendar Tattoos for Men

mayan calendar tattoo

Tribal tattoos are among the most popular and impressive tattoo styles in 2017 tattoo trends. Most tribal tattoos are suitable for boys because they are huge covering the whole body and look fierce. One of such impressive tribal tattoos that have deep meaning is Mayan calendar tattoo. We have seen it much around in 2012 when we were all ready for the apocalipsis. The thing was all about the Mayan calendar that ended with that exact date predicting the date when everthing will end. Fortunately itis in the past and now we can simply talk about the Mayan calendar as an amazing idea for male tattoo. For your inspiration we have put together some really cool tattoos. 

Butterfly Tattoos for Women

butterfly tattoo on backGirls just adore those beautiful and gentle butterfly tattoos. Besides, butterfly tattoo has very special meaning. Those who are looking for something special that will look less dramatic and will carry special meaning, butterfly tattoo is a great choice. We’ll try to how you some really adorable styles of butterfly tattoos for women as well as reveal all the special meaning of a tattoo. Once you’ve got a butterfly, you will have a story to tell about your tattoo.