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Fresh Sun Tattoo Designs


Orphic symbols likewise sun, stars and moon are very often opted for as tattoo designs. Ladies find something occult about having such symbol’s designs and due to it most of them are included in tattoo trends for 2016. We will certainly discuss all of them but at the same time we would like to show you few wonderful instances of fresh sun tattoo designs for ladies. 

Tiny Tattoos for Ladies

Most of ladies love tattoos particularly those tiny and hot tattoos that are covered. The trend of tiny tattoos for ladies is strong and fresh collection of 2016 tattoos includes amazing tattoo designs.

The most interesting thing about tiny tattoo is that it can be less eye catching. This is important moment especially for those ladies who can get problems wearing massive tattoo. Here are represented few creative designs where to get tiny tattoo and the trend of this year.


Tiny tattoos have most common designs. And one of these common designs is Chinese symbol. You can discover countless symbols with particular sense and just you will know the sense of your tattoo. Chinese symbol can easily be created on finger, ankle, on wrist, behind ear or at nape. Chinese symbol is mostly in black color. 

Snorting Angel Tattoo Designs

Angel or any other tattoo design with Christian motifs is very common nowadays. Snorting angel tattoo designs are mostly huge tattoos so if you are searching really cute and eye catching tattoo ideas you can find something suitable for you in this brief gallery of snorting angel tattoo designs.


Angel tattoo certainly has meaning. It is symbol of your beliefs and of course your connection with the God but, alas, not every wearer thinks of sense when creating angel tattoo. So we hope after creating angel tattoo designs those people who have never feel connection with the God maybe will feel something particular. 

Notability Best Tattoos


Notabilities often invigorate us with their slashing look and surely they will always be the first source of illumination. They have excellent body, glorious hairstyle, luxurious clothing, and accessories and, of course tattoos too. The best way for copying beloved look is to get notability tattoo but there is an important thing to be a 100% sure about your option. Here are represented notability best tattoo designs that can easily become the source for your illumination. 

Where Do Women Get Tattoo?


Every man will suggest that women look so sexy and cute with beautiful tattoo and because of this day by day tattoos are getting more common. Both massive and small tattoos will look slashing on lady’s body but there are few body regions where tattoos will look the hottest and that can easily make a style statement. So here are shown top 5 the body parts for women’s tattoos, look at them attentive, and opt for what you like most then make your sexy body tattooed.

Cute Tattoos on Chest

Today tattoos are getting more popularity. If once they were a symbol of diligent personality and lifestyle now it is part of look of millions. Henna, temporary, regular tattoos and airbrush body art is very common and if you are a real stylish woman you must have a attractive tattoo.


Opting for tattoo is not an easy thing than you think. So from the biggest versions of available styles, colors, shapes as well as region of body that you wished to be tattooed you will try to discover the best one. Because having a tattoo is a serious solution you should be really sure what you exactly wish.

So we want to represent you the most common tattoo styles 2016 that will be appropriate for beauty bunnies. Now we would like to represent you bold styles of tattoos on chest that have received more attention recently. 

Portrait Tattoo’s Ideas

As you know portrait tattoo is one of the oldest ideas in tattooing yet in last years it has got radical fresh approach. For getting portrait tattoos for artists were inspiration individualities like rock stars, pop stars, actors or actress’ and the people opted for them more often.

Also people opt for relatives’ or beloved people’s pictures for portrait tattoos. But this style is so individual due to it let’s leave it and then talk about the freshest trends of portrait tattoo’s ideas.

women face tattoos portrait

women face tattoos portrait

If you are a real fan of notoriety and you desire to get him or her near you all day long you can pronouncedly create notoriety’s portrait tattoo. You can have it on a leg, shoulder, back or chest. As a matter of fact there are no any special rules for doing portrait tattoos. 

Hot Bow Tattoos 2016

The collection of womanish tattoos holds colorful pretty butterflies, blossoms, flowers, stars, bows, kittens and so other attractive styles that will primp body and become announcement accessory.

girly bow tattoo

girly bow tattoo

Hot bow tattoo is more appropriate for womanish and glamorous ladies who are all in vogue and love hot accessories. For having glamorous image ladies more often opt for tiny hot bow tattoo on the behind ear, at the nape or on a finger. 

Cute Temporary and Cool Henna Tattoos

Body art certainly is one of the most common ways of expressing your feelings and ideas or your individuality. Most of boys and girls have tattoos and making first tattoo start to feel like tattoo acidity. We regret to notice that not everyone can make regular tattoo but trial is powerful. Surely you have ever heard about cute temporary tattoos and if you still hesitate whether it is still caliber to have temporary tattoo or not, following are shown few ideas of cute temporary and cool henna tattoos.

Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo

The most important thing for temporary tattoo is certainly the ability of getting wished design without any hazard and misery. Cute temporary tattoo is nearly equal to regular tattoo only it cannot be saved long. There are few types of cute temporary tattoos and cool henna tattoo that can become the best tattoos from all usable techniques. 

Cute Bat Tattoos

Fabulous Bats Tattoo

Fabulous Bats Tattoo

Beast and insects’ tattoos are so much common now particularly among those people who desire to have something quite original and socking. Butterflies, knots and flowers of course look cool but they surely will never have the same influence like tattoos of spiders, bats or any other repent animals. Risk to have one of those cute bat tattoos and nobody will come by.