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Trendy Arrow Tattoos 2017

popular arrow tattoos

Arrow tattoo have been popular past few years and every year the arrow is pictured in new trendy way. This simple arrow tattoo still is a special symbol that can effect your life. Before getting an arrow tattoo you should definitely find out what arrow tattoo symbolizes.

Aquatic Tattoos 2017: Octopus Tattoo Ideas

aquatic tattoos for menOctopus is yet another aquatic tattoo that captures with its bright colors and meaning. Colorful octopus tattoo will capture everyone’s attention especially when you have got a huge tattoo on your shoulder or hip. Besides of looking show stopping octopus tattoo has its meaning just like other aquatic creatures.

Beautiful Mehndi Tattoos

mehndi tattoo styles

Temporary tattoos are extremely popular today. Temporary tattoo is a perfect solution for those who are still afraid of getting a permanent tattoo. Beautiful picture that will decorate body for couple of weeks of months makes you feel a part of tattoo addicts and maybe some day you will be brave enough to get a permanent one. 

Religious Tattoos: Cross Tattoo styles

cross tattoo

Religious tattoos have always been popular in spite the fact that they have always become the theme of arguments. Some may think that religion is not quite the appropriate topic to ink on body. Moreover, in some religions body inking is prohibited. Still there will always be religious tattoos around and we will always have something to say about those tattoo styles.

Creative Honey Bee Tattoos 2017

honey bee tattoos 2017

We are used to see butterfly tattoos and bird tattoos and they do look really cute but what do you think about honey bee tattoos? They are actually quite popular because of unique meaning and symbolism of bee so this is why hone bee tattoo collection should have its unique place in 2017 tattoo trends.

Popular Treble Clef Tattoos 2017

treble clef tattoosMusic symbols are perfect for tattoos not only for musicians but also for those who find peace in music. Indeed, life is nothing without music and with music life is more colorful. Wearing musical tattoo can make you brighter; it will inject you with positive vibes.

The Meaning of Mom & Dad Tattoos

mom and dad tattoos

The life is full of ups and downs, you are gaining and losing friends, come enter your life and change it, the others will change your life by leaving you but there will always be two people around that will support you through life. Parents are the most important persons in your life that you should value and appreciate no matter what. Mom and dad tattoo is yet another tribute to your love and devotion to parents.

Fantastic Snake Tattoo Ideas for Women

snake tattoo ideas 2017

Snake is definitely one of the most mysterious animals that carries both negative and positive qualities. one can hardly take as a compliment if you call him a snake but as soon as you qualify him as a wise snake that would be kinda perfect compliment. The same effect has the snake tattoo. The following ideas of amazing snake tattoos will show you the secret and mysterious side of those reptiles showing both positive and negative effects of snake tattoo. 

Spider Web Tattoos and Meaning

spider web tattoo for men

Most of us will scream of horror seeing a spider in its web you we would hardly think of symbolism and meaning of spider. Still, spider and its web is present in many cultures and behind this creepy insect is hidden very special meaning for every culture.

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas for Women

ladybug women tattoos

Tattoo is not just a body art. Every single tattoo has its meaning and tattoo do has impact on the life of the wearer. To have a story to tell about your tattoo as well as to be in harmony with the symbol tattoo. One of such tattoos that carries very special meaning is ladybug tattoo. This cute insect is present in many cultures and in each of them ladybug has its meaning.