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Slashing Tattoos Ideas for Couples

Tattoo is a so individual thing particularly in case when it is a particular symbol with particular sense. Pretty tattoo composition can easily tell a lot us about the tattoo wearer so that tattoo artists offer once you have made on your mind to have a tattoo to think twice what do you really desire to tell by your slashing tattoo.


Matching tattoo is so common trend among young couples who have made on their mind to make unique glorious symbol of their great love or strong friendship. Matching tattoo’s ideas have to be unisex; by this question we mean that it must be appropriate for both young girls and boys. Due to the greatest variety of slashing tattoo ideas for couples it will not be very hard thing to find something hot and meaningful. 

Tiny Tattoos for Ladies

Most of ladies love tattoos particularly those tiny and hot tattoos that are covered. The trend of tiny tattoos for ladies is strong and fresh collection of 2016 tattoos includes amazing tattoo designs.

The most interesting thing about tiny tattoo is that it can be less eye catching. This is important moment especially for those ladies who can get problems wearing massive tattoo. Here are represented few creative designs where to get tiny tattoo and the trend of this year.


Tiny tattoos have most common designs. And one of these common designs is Chinese symbol. You can discover countless symbols with particular sense and just you will know the sense of your tattoo. Chinese symbol can easily be created on finger, ankle, on wrist, behind ear or at nape. Chinese symbol is mostly in black color. 

Notability Best Tattoos


Notabilities often invigorate us with their slashing look and surely they will always be the first source of illumination. They have excellent body, glorious hairstyle, luxurious clothing, and accessories and, of course tattoos too. The best way for copying beloved look is to get notability tattoo but there is an important thing to be a 100% sure about your option. Here are represented notability best tattoo designs that can easily become the source for your illumination. 

Finger Tattoo Designs

really-expressive-1-520x350 - Copy

Finger tattoos are very common now. Small tattoo looks very cool and loved among teens. Besides it is can be the best option for those people who desire to have tattoo but at the same time stay away from attractive and eye catching massive tattoos. 2016 tattoo trends include infinite ideas of finger tattoos, so you can furthermore make your design and for the start you can get some illumination from the following shown finger tattoo designs and find out the meaning of them. 

Best Owl Tattoo Designs

Owl tattoos day by day are getting more common. We must notice that animal tattoos are in gear in tattoo trends 2016 and you will certainly make a right solution if you made on your mind to have animal tattoo.


As you know all birds’ tattoos look hot and they have very significant meaning but owl has obtained particular attention. Owl tattoo is the symbol of sapiens and has something quite occult in it. 

Pretty Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Butterflies are the hottest designs for tattooing for ladies that will look daring and at that time quiet pretty and chic. No matter small or huge butterfly but sure it will make body look more womanish and sexy.

colorful butterfly tattoos

colorful butterfly tattoos

As butterfly is in gear in the group of insects so that it has much prettier and subtle look than other insects’ tattoo designs like bats, spiders and ants. Besides of having pretty look butterfly tattoo design has sense, very special sense. If you have decided to have butterfly tattoo design and you are searching unique tattoo design then at first you should find out the sense of butterfly tattoo design and learn where do your butterflies will look best. 

Anchor Fresh Tattoos 2016

Are you sure anchor tattoo can get only seamen or those people who are connected anyhow to sea? Oh, you are making a mistake because we sure that you just haven’t seen anchor fresh tattoos styles for 2016. Anchor tattoos are loved by boys and girls and they really have significant look. It can be an excellent idea in case you desire to have something fresh and extraordinary.

Anchor Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Anchor Tattoo Meaning and Designs

The freshest designs on anchor tattoos are transfigured and more frequently vamped up with additional items. Before talking about anchor fresh tattoos 2016 find out the sense of anchor tattoo. 

Popular Tattoos For Summer 2016


As every girl sure you are getting ready for hot summer 2016. So the best thing that you can do it is to bung your body with cute fresh tattoo. Popular tattoo trends for summer 2016 include so many pretty styles that will become real accessories for you. So the next unique tattoos can show you some interesting and fresh ideas and surely will help you to opt for a one. 

Wonder Star Tattoos

New designs of tattoo can be slashing accessory for ladies. The variety of tattoos can help you to discover wished design but you can certainly make your own style with the support of professional tattoo artist. Those people who already have tattoos of course know how to opt for it; first of all it will accentuate your individuality. Opt for the tattoo with special meaning that will remember you about something or it will make you feel quite particular. As there are countless styles of tattoos we offer you to talk about wonder star tattoos for 2016.

hand tattoo

hand tattoo

Star tattoos are very common among young ladies because they look very cool and womanish particularly those tiny stars. As you know star tattoos are mostly common among teen ladies and you should know that there are no edges if we talk about tattoo.  

White Ink Tattoo Styles

Everybody knows about black ink tattoos. Surely they are more popular but fresh trend of 2016 is white ink tattoo. What do you know about glowing tattoo? It is really extraordinary. Here are shown few of the most common white ink tattoo styles as well as UV tattoos’ cons and cohorts.

white ink tattoo

white ink tattoo

It is interesting to know that white ink tattoo is custom of the identical ink. But we can’t not to notice that they are less staring and sensational than colorful or black tattoos that are still very dramatic especially on weather-beaten skin. So it will be excellent to have fresh white ink tattoo if you are getting ready for 2016 summer.