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The meaning of Tree Tattoos

tree tattoo styles for women

Tattoos with meaning are more valuable. They have a whole story to tell and they carry so much power and energy within. Tattoo with meaning can tell about the person more than you could imagine. Tattoo is like a language that you read and learning that language is a must for tattoo addicts.

Unique Raven Tattoos and Meaning

Unique Raven Tattoos and Meaning

We love all the dangerous and mysterious things especially when it comes to tattoos. One of the coolest tattoos with dark meaning is raven tattoo. The impressive look and mysterious allure of raven tattoo captures so much attention and no wonder why we have decided to talk about it. 

Religious Tattoos: Cross Tattoo styles

cross tattoo

Religious tattoos have always been popular in spite the fact that they have always become the theme of arguments. Some may think that religion is not quite the appropriate topic to ink on body. Moreover, in some religions body inking is prohibited. Still there will always be religious tattoos around and we will always have something to say about those tattoo styles.

Bright Sunflower Tattoos

Sunflower Tattoos 2017

Flower tattoos look cute and positive while some have very special meaning. We have seen so many flowers around and they all look fabulous still there is A flower that is the winner among the positive tattoos. Sunflower tattoo will bring exceptionally positive vibes and emotion. Such type of tattoo can affect your life in a wrong way so if you have decided to make a mark on your body, sunflower is the one to choose.

Lucky Clover Tattoos

clover tattoo for women

There are some tattoos that are meant to protect you while the others will add some strength and power. If you are wonder whether there is a tattoo that will bring your luck, the answer is yes. Four-leaf clover that has become the symbol of luck carries the same meaning if tattooing on your body. The story about the clover tattoo and its meaning is much more interesting than you could imagine.

Awesome Jellyfish Tattoos

colorful jellyfish tattoos

Thinking of aquatic tattoo one will hardly think of a jellyfish tattoo. You may say fish tattoo, turtle tattoo or shark tattoo is more popular than jellyfish yet as soon as you look through the gallery of those awesome jellyfish tattoos you will forget about all the other styles you were considering before. This is not just the unique styles of jellyfish tattoos, it is about the meaning of the aquatic tattoo and its symbolism.

Crazy Werewolf Tattoos 2017

werewolf tattoo

Strong and horrendous tattoos are getting more and more popular. The styles like snake, dragon, wolf and werewolf tattoos carry very strong symbolism and before getting this kind of tattoo you should examine the symbolism and meaning of tattoo in details. At this time we are presenting you the most spectacular werewolf tattoos with meaning to decorate your body.

Popular Treble Clef Tattoos 2017

treble clef tattoosMusic symbols are perfect for tattoos not only for musicians but also for those who find peace in music. Indeed, life is nothing without music and with music life is more colorful. Wearing musical tattoo can make you brighter; it will inject you with positive vibes.

Cute Dandelion Tattoos

dandelion tattoos 2017The warm summer wind brings dandelions in the air and our bodies. Inked dandelion is not only beautiful but also has very special meaning that is meant to complete your individuality. This cute little flower has very interesting that you can tell every time one asks you about your tattoo.

Dreamcatcher Tattoos for Women

dreamcatcher tattoos 2017

Dreamcatcher is more than just a cute part of home décor. It has very special role and carries special meaning. Found in the culture of Native Americans dreamcatcher has become one of the most popular tattoo designs.