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Creative Honey Bee Tattoos 2017

honey bee tattoos 2017

We are used to see butterfly tattoos and bird tattoos and they do look really cute but what do you think about honey bee tattoos? They are actually quite popular because of unique meaning and symbolism of bee so this is why hone bee tattoo collection should have its unique place in 2017 tattoo trends.

Popular Treble Clef Tattoos 2017

treble clef tattoosMusic symbols are perfect for tattoos not only for musicians but also for those who find peace in music. Indeed, life is nothing without music and with music life is more colorful. Wearing musical tattoo can make you brighter; it will inject you with positive vibes.

Biomech Tattoos for Men

Biomech Tattoo on wrist

Robots and androids have already become parts of our lives and our society gets ready for living side by side with androids. What we have no is scientists creating new life and people who already have biomechanical machines in their lives, well, actually they got it on their bodies.

Powerful Fire Tattoos

powerful fire tattoos for women

The so-called relationship of man and fire has started from prehistoric times. The battle between those two is so beautiful that people started picturing fire and flame not only on walls but also on body and since then fire is found in many cultures.

Cute Dandelion Tattoos

dandelion tattoos 2017The warm summer wind brings dandelions in the air and our bodies. Inked dandelion is not only beautiful but also has very special meaning that is meant to complete your individuality. This cute little flower has very interesting that you can tell every time one asks you about your tattoo.

Sexy Strawberry Tattoo Ideas

sexy strawberry tattoosHave you ever thought of getting fruit tattoo? In fact fruit tattoos like apple, cherry, strawberry tattoos are fruit popular today. Some are pictured in traditional styles while modern tattooing trends 2017 offer totally new way of picturing fruit tattoos. Both types are noteworthy. What is more interesting about fruit tattoos is the meaning. Each of them has its symbolism and it is pretty cool to have such a unique tattoo.

Dreamcatcher Tattoos for Women

dreamcatcher tattoos 2017

Dreamcatcher is more than just a cute part of home décor. It has very special role and carries special meaning. Found in the culture of Native Americans dreamcatcher has become one of the most popular tattoo designs.

Cool Dragon Tattoo Ideas

dragon tattoo for women

Mystic creatures always attracted with legends and stories and we do love them seeing in movies and cartoon. But what we love more is wearing them as tattoos. One of the most popular mystic creatures that are tattooed is dragon.

Tiny Tattoos on Wrist

flower tattoo on wrist

Ever wondered where tattoo will look best? Your body is a canvas and depending on the style of tattoo. Yet there is a “secret” place for tattoo that is always a success.

Beautiful Turtle Tattoos

turtle tatttos 2017

Animal tattoos are absolutely fantastic especially when inked in modern tattooing style from 2017 tattoo trends. All the animal tattoos look gorgeous and all of them have their special meaning. One of the most adorable creatures on earth is a turtle. Turtle tattoos are the part of Polynesian tribal tattoos, plus modern turtle tattoo styles like watercolor, line work or dotwork are also quite popular among boys and girls. Aside from being a beautiful tattoo turtle has very special meaning.