Tiny Tattoo Designs for Neck

Being the most attractive part of lady’s body neck is excellent for small and cool tattoo. Actually neck is the most common part for getting tattoo and there are few reasons of it. At first neck tattoo is less eye catching and dramatic different from tattoos created on other parts of body particularly. If represented, it will surely attract attention and it of course will receive all the best comments.


If you think about neck tattoos then there are two things that you are able to do; you can either opt for tiny tattoo or you can get a whole art that hides neck and comes to shoulder. So we offer to start from tiny tattoo designs for neck and maybe you will be illuminated to opt for something more attractive and visible. 

There are not any rules about tattoos appropriate for neck. You can create anything that will emphasize your individuality and make you of course feel self-confident.


Sun or moon designs are excellent for neck. Sun or moon is made correctly in the middle of neck. The design of sun or moon can become realistic or more abstract. So we offer you to check out several sun tattoo design here.


Quotes, phrases or power words often are opted for tattooing on neck. Again such styles are very gentle and preferable. You will never get bored of them. The best thing about tiny tattoo of course is that it can be kindly removed or, moreover, can be hidden with a huge one (real lovers of body art surely will never get purge of their tattoo).


Butterfly is next choice for tattooing on neck. It can be one colorful butterfly or few small butterflies in a raw. Both designs will look gorgeous and womanish.


Stars like butterflies will also look staring on neck. Besides of it you can get tiny tattoo and range it to shoulder or spine.

This is only a brief gallery of available tattoo designs appropriate for neck. We offer to check more tattoo designs here.