Tribal Tattoo Ideas


2016 tattoo trends includes visionary designs of tribal tattoo ideas that have perfect influence on the wearer. Such interesting tattoo with particular sense has great story for telling. Certainly coeval tribal tattoos are a little transformed but still the sense and symbolism surely is kept. Here are represented the most popular tribal tattoo ideas. 

Traditional tribal tattoo is created with black color ink. Certainly the kind of tattooing vastly differs nowadays from ancient times. In ancient time tribal tattoo ideas also were common but nowadays it is probably to recreate nearly the most sophisticated print (even if you have searched professional tattoo artist).

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Ideas


First common design is tribal dragon tattoo design. Dragon is very common symbol in different cultures and it certainly has particular sense. As dragon is the symbol of China so that it is more frequently associated with wonderful Chinese cultures and surely this is transferred in tattoo designs. Tribal dragon tattoo design is created in black with red features of expressing fire.

Tribal Sun Tattoo Ideas


Sun tattoo designes are very preferable this year. They are showed both in abstract and of course realistic designs but certainly tribal ideas are the best. So that tribal sun tattoo is the symbol of power, supremacy, reincarnation, immortality and truth. And we must inform you that such tattoo will look slashing on neck and wrist.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Ideas


Have you ever meet the combination of two ideas in one design? What do you really think about glorious tribal butterfly tattoo design where severe features are united with delicacy of butterfly? As matter of fact it is not really a tribal tattoo; there butterfly is painted in black features. Such tattoo design looks very telling on neck.

Tribal Bird Tattoo Ideas


Tribal bird tattoo ideas are mythological symbols and mean whop of good over evil. For receiving such strong sense you can opt for phoenix, eagle, and vulture or raven tribal tattoo designs.