Where Do Women Get Tattoo?


Every man will suggest that women look so sexy and cute with beautiful tattoo and because of this day by day tattoos are getting more common. Both massive and small tattoos will look slashing on lady’s body but there are few body regions where tattoos will look the hottest and that can easily make a style statement. So here are shown top 5 the body parts for women’s tattoos, look at them attentive, and opt for what you like most then make your sexy body tattooed.

Certainly tattooed body can look sexier and cutest so when opting for tattoo style you should be very careful and think over two thousand times before making permanent tattoo.

Tattoos on back


For women who desire highlight womanish curves back and mid back can become an excellent choice. Black tattoo and even colorful massive tattoo will look slashing with appropriate dress. For mid back and back you can opt for any style of tattoo from flower, animal, feather, star, butterfly tattoo or even comp.

Tattoos on Thigh



Thigh being highlighted with tattoo can easily be named sexy region. Those who love short clothing and skirts surely would love to have a particular thing on thigh. For receiving provocative image tattoo master will offer to get sexy cord ribbon with knot or gun. For getting more original tattoo you can make massive tattoo like cherry blossoms, a dragon and etc.

Tattoos on Stomach



Ladies who have excellent body can with tattoo do it even more emphasized on stomach and rib. Massive picture can be tattooed on your rib and lengthened up to stomach. But there is a thing that you should remember about tattoo on stomach. So you can get weight, and as your body tattoo can be transfigured too so you can either evade tattoo on stomach or keep your body in perfect look.

Tattoos on Collarbone




Most of people may have never thought about collarbones sexy looking. As a matter of fact they become chiefly if you have got attractive tattoo on collarbone. Most common ideas are power words, birds, quotes, feather, dandelion and stars.

Tattoos on Shoulder



The same vogue and cinch has tattoo on shoulder. Both small and massive tattoos will look glorious on shoulder.