Wonderful Eye Tattoos

Wonderful eye tattoos are one of the most fantastic and extraordinary tattoo ideas that are trendy today. Both men and ladies opt for eye tattoo styles so if you have made to your mind to have something really particular and mind blowing then we offer you to search information about eye tattoo meaning and to know which the most common eye tattoo designs are.


You should know that both eye tattoos that have natural or abstract look are very common. More frequently eye is made in conger with other items like heart, teardrops, abstract lines, triangle and etc. 

The Eye of the Ra or Eye of Horus is still remains the most common eye tattoo. So we offer to arrive back to ancient Egypt and search there what is this symbol’s sense. Horus was a god, as tells ancient Egypt history, and he lost his eye when scraping for throne. The Horus was painted with hawk head.


 We must inform you that the tattoo of the Eye of the Ra has a great power and more frequently it is tattooed on staring spots of body like foot, wrist and nape. Eye tattoo is created in black tint but surely can have colorful items like triangle.




Be sure eye tattoo can symbolize your soul. Superstition it or not, surely it’s up to you but it can easily be your “the Third Eye” that is able to open your mind and try you to see more than you could see before.


Eye tattoo’s another common style is animal eye tattoo. And more frequently ladies opt for cat eyes that are more occult. Again such tattoo design will intend intuition, protection and smartness.


And at the end we offer you to make sure eye tattoo and its sense are appropriate for your personality before deciding to get this symbol.